Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The authority check happens in the following sequence.

This allows for skipping standard authorization checks
2. Std Check - Own document, user owns a role
3. Std Check - User assigned to same Org level of document
4. Std check - territory(if enabled in customizing)
5. Std check - Business object type (Eg. BUS2000111)
6. Std check - Process type
7. Std check - Sales/div channel
This allows for additional checks if user has passed all std checks

Following the sequence 1 to 7, if any of the step OKs the user, the rest of the steps are skipped. The step 8 is still carried out if the user has passed. So, you may want to analyze your situation further. Maybe, you have to implement the BADI method mentioned in step 8 and do a further check based on user role. The CL_CRM_UI_PROFILE->Get_profile will give you the PFCG role.

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